Sheikh Imran Hosein - Imam Al-Mahdi & the Return of the Caliphate 1

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full lecture Peace TV is not just another Islamic TV channel. Nor will it promote any particular Islamic sect or dogma. Peace TV will, InshaAllah, provide its viewers with state-of-the-art TV programmes. These would be based on authentic teachings of the Quran and Hadith. Peace TV will, InshaAllah, be backed by the best available media technology, creativity, research and operational management. Peace TV would, InshaAllah, be a respected global media outlet presenting Islam and removing misconceptions about Islam. Peace TV would also promote inter-faith dialogues, common teachings of scriptures of major religions and world peace. Peace TV would, InshaAllah, make both Muslims and Non-Muslims realize the effectiveness of Islam in solving problems of humankind. Solutions, derived from their Creator - the All Aware. Satellite : Intel Sat 10 (PAS - 10) Satellite Position : 68.5East Frequency : 4116, FEC - 3/4 Symbol Rate : 8145 Polarization - Vertical OR Satellite : ARAB SAT BADR-4 Satellite Position : 26 East Frequency : 12169 FEC:3/4 Polarization : Vertical Symbol Rate : 27500
April 28, 2010

Title: Sheikh Imran Hosein - Imam Al-Mahdi & the Return of the Caliphate 1
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